Floatation Therapy

Experience a full hour of floatation Only $50. Package pricing also available for the frequent floater!

Experience true oneness!  FREE THE BODY AND MIND OF ALL TENSIONS

Experience Floatation and Discover a World Beyond:

  • Improved memory & focus
  • Relief from physical pain as endorphins are released
  • Deep relaxation for body and mind
  • Deepened meditation experiences
  • Decrease of overall stress increased focus
  • Access higher levels of creativity

What to expect and how to prepare for your floatation experience.

  • An open mind for an experience without limitations is probably the best approach.
  • How to prepare for your float session: 1.) Bring with you two towels to be used for showering before and after your float. 2.) If possible do not use hair products or body lotions prior to your scheduled float. 3.) It is not advisable to wear anything into the tank as this will only distract you, however the choice is always yours.
  • You will receive an orientation to floating upon arrival. You may want to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Your experience is individual, you may want to schedule a time where you don't have to rush to be somewhere.
  • Combining a float session with a bodywork session of your choice is a wonderful experience. It is an individual preference as to whether bodywork before or after your session is best. You will know.
  • Your floatation session will be 1 hour, plan to be here for 1 1/2 hours to allow time for showering before and after.
  • Each person will have an individual experience to floation. You are in control of your float. Set your intentions for problem solving or simply to deeply relax.

Brief Orientation to Floatation

  • The floatation tank is filled with 10 inches of water and 800 lbs. of Epson Salt, this is why anyone can float. It is not a requirement to know how to float or swim to experience floatation. You will float like a cork. Your ears will be under water and ear plugs are available to anyone wishing to use them. They are recommended if you have had any ear problems in the past.
  • Please experiment with positions that are comfortable for you, some folks rest their hands on their body, others may clasp their hands under their head.
  • The most important information here is do not touch your face or eyes. Keep in mind that there is salt which will sting your eyes if it gets in. And yes, if you have a cut on your skin it will sting for a minute. It is not recommended to shave just prior to your float.

History of the Tank

Does the Brain Need Stimulation?

  • Many scientists wondered what would happen if a person were cut off from all sensory stimulation and from interactions with the world outside. Scientist influenced by the "behaviorist" school, thought of the brain as an organ that reacts to stimuli. They predicted that if all outside stimuli were cut off, the brain would cease its activity resulting in a condition resembling coma, or dreamless sleep.
  • An alternate hypothesis was that in a state of profound isolation from stimuli and interaction with the world, the brain would continue operating and generating experiences.
  • Dr. John Lilly, inventor of the floatation tank, tested these hypotheses with experiments he set up at the National Institutes of Mental Health Lab in the Virgin Islands. He limited stimulation to the minimus possible level while removing sources of discomfort and stress. His "isolation" tank design approached this ideal as closely as possible and the experiment was up and running by the end of 1954.
  • In the isolation tank, Dr. Lilly found that he could relax his mind and dream, but his consciousness was always there ready to take charge. He could choose to relax and let things happen, in which case the images would free-associate, moving as if randomly from one to the next. Or he could choose to program what would happen, in a process similar to lucid dreaming, but with an even greater degree of control. He could invent a scenario ahead of time with his consciousness fully focused, and then relax and let his brain carry out the program.
  • The important discovery was, "So within yourself you do have at least the circuitry to exert control over these systems. You can create a sense of well-being, or you can create a sense of fear out of the operation of your own biocomputer."
  • In the absence of sensory input, the floater feels detached, free, at peace. Most floaters report enhanced mental powers. Virtually everyone finds the experience immensely pleasant. And, as one prominent scientist says, the tank provides a method of attaining the deepest rest ever experienced.

Combine your float with the following services:

  • Polarity Therapy
  • RYSE (Energy Systems Clearing)
  • Thai Yoga
  • Individual Meditation Guidance
  • Massage Therapy